Glamourcon 15 Favorites by J Greely

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[I've included links to all personal or otherwise authorized web sites that I have information on. If you know of one that I've missed, let me know.]


Alicia Rickter2
Alley Baggett2
Beckie Mullen6, 7
Becky DelosSantos2
Carmen Berg9, 10, 11
Cathy St. George4
Cynthia Brimhall4, 5
Deanna Brooks3
Debra Jo Fondren8, 9
Jennifer Lavoie1
Julia Schultz11, 12
Julie Strain6
Kira Reed3
Lisa Dergan4
Lisa Marie Scott3, 4
Sheila Lussier5, 6
Stacy Fuson2, 3
Sung Hi Lee1
Tiffany Taylor1
Tracy Dali7, 8
Tylyn John1