Minolta STF 135mm/f2.8 [T4.5] Lens Tests

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In-focus sample

135mm/f2.8 (old)

STF 135mm/f2.8 [T4.5]

In-focus sample

135mm/f2.8 (old), focused to exactly 5 feet

STF 135mm/f2.8 [T4.5], focused to exactly five feet

All pictures this page Copyright © 1999 J Greely.

These are test shots of the new STF 135 lens against the old 135/2.8. Minor differences in framing are due to the fact that the 135/2.8 is an internal-focus design. An in-focus shot is given first to show the scene as it appears, then a pair of out-of-focus shots from the two lenses (old and new, respectively). All pictures were shot at f4.5 (using the manual diaphram control on the STF 135).