Scrolls of the Fallen

I have been tasked by my master with recording the names of the fallen in the Clan Wars and their aftermath. I will try to include all of the names I know, and welcome any additions to this list. Please send them to me at your convenience.

It is worth noting that many of these tidbits are based on commonly-held belief, rather than hard evidence, and that the author herself may doubt some of these deaths. As the famed author Kitsuki Tawayun put it best...

Brotherhood of Shinsei Dead

Crab Clan Dead

Crane Clan Dead

Dragon Clan Dead

Lion Clan Dead

Naga Clan Dead

Phoenix Clan Dead

Scorpion Clan Dead

Shadowlands Dead

Unaligned Dead

Unicorn Clan Dead

Last updated by Neil Laughlin on September 29, 1999.