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From the day of its founding, the Lion Clan has been the defender of the Emperor, serving his every need and destroying his enemies on the field of battle. During the Clan Wars, their loyalty was questioned and the Throne they served was usurped by a terrible, dark power. Now, two years after the Fall of Fu Leng, the Lions struggle to rebuild their broken armies and reforge the fierce brotherhood that was destroyed during the wars. Holding on to their majestic palaces and noble traditions, their strength will once again be tested by fate. Now, they must have the strength to claim the Throne they once served, and save the Empire from a darkness that strikes not from the Shadowlands -- but from within man's own heart.

     -- L5R, Jade Edition

The keen-eyed among you may notice that I do not update this page any more. A bit ago, WotC pulled the Official page designations, and a bit before that, I stopped getting stoyrline tournament updates from AEG/FRPG. So, lacking new content, I lacked updates to make. With that in mind, I present what used to be the Official Lion Clan and Storyline Tournament home page.

Welcome to the stronghold of the Lion Clan, one of the Clans of Rokugan. Our exploits are captured in Legend of the Five Rings, a collectible card game and role-playing game produced by Five Rings Publishing Group. For more information on L5R, see FRPG's Official Home Page, or Zen Faulkes' Beginner's FAQ. If you're looking for CCG information, be certain to check out Jeff Alexander's Legend of the Five Rings site as well.

This is the home of the Lion Clan Letters, as well as additional historical material related to Rokugan and the Lion Clan. I also host the Official Storyline Tournament Results for AEG/FRPG.

If you consider yourself an honorable member of the Lion Clan, I host a mailing list that welcomes you. For more information, email Kitsu Sei.

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    Japanese Folklore Web Page: For all sorts of Japanese history and folklore. It has a lot of material for RPGs, and a lot of links to web sites concearning Asian and Japanese culture.

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    Tsuko and Rokugan

    When Toturi's army approached Otosan Uchi, two Lion armies were there. One, led by Ikoma Tsanuri, carried the banner of the Emperor, ready to fulfill their oaths to protect the Emperor at all costs. The other, led by Kitsu Motso, carried the banner of the Lion, ready to kill or die for the empire.

    As he watched, the armies charged at each other with a thunderous cry. Discipline quickly descended into disorder and Lion fought Lion, regardless of family or allegiance.

    No longer able to stomach the bloodshed between the members of his former clan, Toturi charged his army into the midst of the battle as Junzo's army simply watched and laughed. Toturi's battle cry erupted from the middle of the fighting and a deep silence fell across the battlefield.

    About to engage each other, Tsanuri and Motso both turned to look at Toturi, and the thousands of bloody Lions waited for a command-- any command. Toturi raised his sword high and pointed it at Junzo.

    "For Matsu Tsuko and for Rokugan!"

    Behind the feral smiles of their three commanders, a single army turned towards the army of Yogo Junzo and the battle cry of ten thousand Lions, old and new, echoed through the walls of Otosan Uchi.

    And Toturi pointed to Yogo Junzo, and shouted, "Bring me his head and I'll give you mine!"

    -- Ancestral Home of the Lion, Time of the Void

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